New Registration Test


Before beginning registration, please review the following information and indicate your agreement.  We are all volunteers and depend upon parents for support in the following areas in order to make this program a success:

  1. A boosters organization exists within the district to provide additional support for various programs.  This includes, but is not limited to, providing additional activities (such as the formation of robotics teams), hosting events and fundraising.  By registering your child, you are a member of the Dublin Robotics Boosters.
  2. The overall goal of the FIRST LEGO team is to learn about FIRST robotics, to prepare a project, and to build and program a LEGO robot in order to participate in a competition.  The group of students forms a team to work together to accomplish this goal.
  3. Students must be willing to work hard, be considerate and respectful of others and have the ability to work independently in small groups.
  4. Parents will be required to attend meetings if the student becomes disruptive or is unable to follow directions.  Students may be asked to leave the program if there are continual behavioral issues.
  5. We need your child to be present at all meetings unless there is an emergency. Dublin LEGO Robotics is team oriented.  If team members do not show up, the team suffers and may be unable to meet deadlines. If your child has multiple other activities, you need to consider whether or not they can meet another commitment. Like other competitive sports like cross country or soccer, we depend on them when they join the team.
  6. Parents are encouraged to assist coaches in any means at their disposal, including providing snacks, chaperoning meetings or field trips or other events throughout the season. Please do not hesitate to get involved.
  7. Students need parent encouragement throughout the season. Your guidance is much appreciated, but please use
    care to ensure that solutions are your students.
Dublin Robotics boosters is allowed to contact me via my email address.
I agree to support the team, my student and the coach in whatever way I am able and that my schedule allows. I understand that this is a volunteer-run program.